To North Norfolk and beyond….!” to steal Buzz Lightyear’s famous catchphrase.

Sun Essences is a truly international company, as over the years we have traded with all continents of the globe.  15 Countries in the EU,  plus 12 more distant shores. Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Norway, Chile, USA, China, Mauritius, Canada, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Brazil. We really do live in a global community now, don’t we?


So one might imagine it would be easier to send parcels, but it’s not!! There are now restrictions on the alcohol content, which directly effects our products and you can’t even think of sending a perfume!! Our products are clearly not perfumes, but mention the word ‘flowers’ or ‘essences’ on the customs slip and all alarm bells ring!!

I’ve learned to be clever about how I describe things and hope I have remembered all the necessary stickers. My final ritual is to ask the angels to look after it and on the whole they all make it through in one piece, a miracle when you think about it.