Flower Essences can work well in harmony with other modalities such as Astrology. This partnership can prove particularly helpful if you are finding it difficult to clarify which of the twelve healers is your type essence.
The twelve signs of the zodiac can be matched to the twelve healers and many find it of great interest to see which remedy belongs to your birth sign. For example, if you are born under the birth sign of Libra
you are probably an indecisive individual. The healer essence Scleranthus is matched to this birth sign and being for indecision also, it is obviously a good choice.


Using Bach Essences with Astrology

Dr Bach in The Twelve Healers (1933), makes reference to astrology as a useful guide to choosing a helpful type essence for support along life’s path. He suggests the moon’s placement in the birth chart as providing the most valuable insight into a person’s main lesson in life, and also their personality type, life’s work and objectives. For example, if your moon were found in Scorpio, your matching type essence would be Chicory. The birth sign’s matching essence will always be of great benefit in times of stress. However, the placement of other aspects of the birth chart such as the ascendant and your birth sign’s ruling planet are also helpful indicators in selecting further supportive type essences.

If you are interested in exploring this aspect of astrology further, a fully explained birth chart drawn up by an experienced astrologer will be of enormous value.

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With special thanks to Peter Damian, who is the source of the material for this article.


An extract taken from ‘Bach Remedies and other flower essences’ by Vivien Williamson.

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