Understanding how to use Essences

Flower Essences individually have a specific negativity  for which they are recommended e.g. aspen for unknown fears, Mimulus for fear, gentian for depression,  White Chestnut for a busy head. You will recognise many of the emotional states described within yourself and family. For many people who perhaps find it difficult to describe what they feel, the remedies can provide a way of sorting them out and understanding them

You choose a remedy for how you feel about your, illness, problems and your life in general. Not yesterday, or how you might feel next week, but how you feel right now. Many of us find it hard to sort out what we are feeling at any one time, so talking to a therapist/friend can help to clarify what exactly you do feel and a matching combination of up to six remedies can be chosen.

Using Bach Remedies & Flower Essences


For example:-

Your much loved son is setting of to University and leaving home for the first time, you are understandably feeling a whole range of emotions. You notice you have all kinds of fears for his safety. This suggests Red Chestnut which is for being fearful for other. You are also wondering how you are going to cope with life without him in the house. This would suggest Walnut, to help you adjust to the new circumstances. You are thinking of finding a part time job, to bring in some extra money and give you something else to think about. But it’s a long time since you did anything outside of the home and you are understandably worried.  This would suggest Larch to build up confidence.





The flower remedies can be combined into an infinite number of combinations which can suit everybody. The greatest asset of flower essences is that they are infinitely flexible and can be combined to suite all individuals needs. Patients say report back saying, they feel lighter, and more relaxed, a common phrases is ‘I feel so much better in myself’ or ‘I feel quite myself again.’