A beautiful sunny Spring day in Norfolk, idyllic setting with bird song and a mass of water violets. A perfect opportunity for Vivien to make the renowned Water Violet Bach Flower Remedy.



As a Bach Flower Remedy, you would expect that the people who need to take water violet are as beautiful as the flower. And it’s true. They are individuals with great sensitivity, wisdom and a real healing presence. People seek them out for help and of course, they give it, but as for themselves, they’re the ones who do not come for a remedy and the bottle will probably stay unopened in the box!

They like to retreat from the world, just as the flower retreats to the centre of the pond, and keep their own company. To them, the world is a sad and painful place, so they prefer to keep it at a distance.  From other people’s perspective, they seem rather aloof and it’s this pride that is the weakness of the water violet personality type. Sadly, it’s almost as if they put up a wall, and shut out warmth and emotion along with the grief of life.

Water Violet Bach Flower Remedy


The water violet plant has roots that hardly touch the soil and so the plant floats, barely anchored to the earth.  These people need, for their own well-being, to come down to earth and engage with life. Yes, it may be ‘messy,’ but they have so much to give life and in return, life will give them joy.

The key words of Water Violet Bach Flower Remedy are grief and joy. As life progresses, we all come to understand that these two emotions are eternally intertwined and inescapable experiences of life.


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