Sun Essence Creams

Indulgent and Luxurious - Using the natural power of flowers and trees

Sun Essences are proud of their range of lovely, handmade creams with many customers singing their praises. We use an organic base for our Soothing, Foot and Hand Creams. The Vitamin E cream that we use for our face cream is an awarding winning cream base made by Quinessence.

Sun Essences add carefully selected revitalizing flower essences and high quality essential oils for their beautifying qualities and perfume.  Our products are modestly presented in attractive blue jars with colourful labels, in line with our philosophy of natural simplicity.


'I have severe eczema and the Soothing Cream seems to be the only thing to give me any relief.' Robin Wellbourne


'Looking forward to getting more Foot Cream, it totally healed my plantar psoriasis.' Helen, Newcastle.

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Crab Apple Soothing Cream

We now prepare our well known Crab Apple Soothing Cream with a base that contains organic ingredients, where possible. Also containing a blend of olive, flax and sunflower oils, in addition to shea and cocoa butters. Sun Essences uses organic flower essences plus an organic Lavender essential oil in the mix.

Elm Hand Cream

Flower essences strengthen and nourish hands as they go about their many and varied daily tasks. They work hard often with little appreciation, so give them some TLC. An organic hand treatment with the valuable properties of Neroli essential Oil.

Oak Foot Cream

Flower essences will refresh and revive weary and hardworking feet. An ideal choice to soften dry, hard skin, this soothing organic cream containing a blend of olive, flax and sunflower oils.

Willow Face Cream

Flower Essences can gently soothe and soften the face. This lovely cream moisturizes the skin and improves tone with Aloe Vera and protective Vitamin E.