Eucalyptus Oil (Globulus) 10ml

Eucalyptus Globulus. Origin: China. Eucalyptus globulus, the Tasmanian bluegum, southern blue-gum or blue gum, is an evergreen tree, one of the most widely cultivated trees native to Australia. The essential oil has a fresh, penetrating scent. It contains a high percentage of eucalyptol, a key ingredient in many mouth washes. Applied topically, it is often used to support the respiratory system and to soothe muscles after exercise.
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In aromatherapy, this essential oil helps to clear the mind and focus concentration, while reducing swelling in the mucus membranes. It is very valuable in fighting respiratory problems, fighting inflammation and sore muscles, rheumatism, headaches and nervous exhaustion, while boosting wound and ulcer healing and soothing skin eruptions. Eucalyptus has a clear, sharp, fresh and very distinctive smell, is pale yellow in colour and watery in viscosity.