Helios Homeopathy

We remain committed to producing homeopathic remedies of the highest quality, using the traditional Hahnemann techniques of hand trituration and potentisation and employ qualified homeopaths to almost all staff positions. This ensures we not only produce remedies of the utmost integrity, but also our customers whether students and practitioners of homeopathy, the public, or our retail partners, can use remedies with confidence and are able to access the expert advice they need, when they need it.  

We are proud to be part of the global homeopathic community and continue our pioneering work in sourcing original and rare remedies for proving and therapeutic use and are world leaders in the development of 'LM' potencies. 

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Cantharis 30c

Cantharis is the first remedy to think of to ease the intense pain of burns, including sunburn. It can also be helpful in cases of cystitis.

Chamomilla 30c

A 'must-have' remedy for parents of young children, invaluable for ear pain, colic and fever. Chamomilla is an excellent remedy for easing the pain of teething.

Gelsemium 30c

A popular flu remedy where there is intense weakness and weariness.

Hypericum 30c

Hypericum is a useful first aid treatment for lacerated wounds from sharp instruments and injuries to nerve-rich areas such as fingers, toes and the spine (e.g. falling on the coccyx or slamming fingers in a door).

Ignatia 30c

Ignatia is very useful in treating symptoms resulting from acute loss, grief, broken relationships, emotional shock or bereavement.

Ledum 30c

Like Hypericum, Ledum has reputed anti-tetanus properties. It is used to treat puncture wounds and black eyes as well as deep wounds and bites from both animals and insects.