How MohDoh Works
MohDoh provides a fun, exciting and interactive way of delivering carefully selected blends of essential oils, helping to treat both adults and children naturally rather than having to rely on conventional medicines. The expertly blended formula works in three ways:

  • As the dough is kneaded, essential oils are not only vapourised and inhaled, but also absorbed through the skin. The concentration of oils is controlled to ensure that MohDoh is both safe and effective.
  • At the same time the carefully selected colour of the dough will help to balance the energy centres that are out of harmony.
  • The synergistic effects of touch and smell have been shown to be very effective in treating a number of stress related complaints (as with massage) and the tactile nature of the dough has in itself a soothing, calming effect.

These three therapeutic elements of MohDoh combine to form a powerful holistic therapy that really works.

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Slim MohDoh

Slim is an effective yet fun way to help lose weight*.

Calm MohDoh

Calm is an effective yet fun way of helping to relax and unwind those minds and bodies that are constantly on the go

Headeez MohDoh

Headeez is an effective yet fun way of helping to deal with headaches and tension.

Quit MohDoh

Quit is an effective yet fun way to help relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms and help with quitting smoking.

Sleep MohDoh

Sleep is an effective yet fun way of dealing with restlessness, insomnia or childhood sleep problems.

Think MohDoh

Think is an effective yet fun way of regaining lost focus and improving concentration.