Orange Oil (Sweet) 10ml

Citrus Sinensis. Origin: Brazil Sweet orange oil comes from the fruit of the Citrus sinensi orange plant. it's derived from the outer peel of the fruit.
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With its versatility, affordability and wonderfully uplifting aroma, Sweet Orange Oil is one of the most popular of essential oils within aromatherapy. It can be used effectively on the immune system, as well as for colds and flu and to eliminate toxins from the body. It is a good diuretic and is most useful in balancing water retention and obesity. Its lymphatic stimulant action further helps to balance water processes, detoxification, aiding the immune system and general well-being. For the digestive system, sweet orange oil can help with constipation, dyspepsia and as a general tonic. It is also useful in cases of nervous tension and stress. Sweet Orange Oil is also rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidents, making it useful to the cosmetics industry. It is also a very good degreaser.