Our Be Blends and Emergency essences are also now prepared in sucrose pillules and presented in a no fuss, easy to use 4 gram dispenser. Perfect for carrying around in your bag or pocket. The ideal solution for those who prefer to minimise their alcohol intake, and the first choice for children.

be blend pillule collection

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Be Decisive Pillules

Ideal for those who worry about making the wrong choice and need to feel more decisive. This blend offers support during times of personal change, as it facilitates a letting go of the past and provides a stable inner centre from which to choose a way forward. If there are issues present that inhibit this progress e.g., apprehension, this will come to light and can be dealt with appropriately.

Be Focused Pillules

Lack concentration? Exams? Computer weary? Then this is the one for you. This blend of flowers refreshes the head, improves motivation, stimulates creativity and restores interest in daily tasks. If working under pressure, then this essence may be taken more frequently.

Be Free Pillules

This blend is ideal for letting go of the things that control your life. Depending how serious these habits are, this blend of flowers may either be used on it’s own or in conjunction with other modalities. This blend supports a positive self-image and is particularly helpful when there has been a setback. It can also boost motivation and the drive to make progress each day.

Be Loving Pillules

Ideal for dealing with everyday situations that call for greater love, forgiveness and acceptance i.e. relationships, children, at the work place. Particularly helpful when strong feelings emerge and there is a need to diffuse them and gain greater insight. Its effectiveness can be boosted if taken by partners/family members at the same time.

Be Natural Pillules

Light, happy, confident, trusting, vital and creative life force is a part of your true nature and although all flower remedies can take you 'back to yourself' this blend will bring you into the now, so you can engage more fully with life.

Be Positive Pillules

Whatever the reason is for feeling down, hopeless, negative or discouraged, this blend of flowers will lighten up your mood so you become more positive. Releases the need to focus on personal problems so a new more optimistic frame of mind may emerge. Life can become more enjoyable, bright and promising.