Rose Absolute Oil (Dilute 5% in Grapeseed) 10ml

Rosa Centifolia dilute in Vitis Vinifera. Methyl eugenol content in this product is typically <0.005%. Rose Absolute is preferred by fragrance formulators and perfumists for its fragrance, aromatic strength and lower cost than the Rose Otto. This dilute version of Rose Absolute is produced from Rosa Centifolia, more commonly known as Rose de Mai or Shrub Rose.
Manufacturer: The Soap Kitchen
SKU: RoseAbsoluteDiluteOil10ml

Although this oil may not sell as much as lavender oil, partly due to the cost, it is one of the best all-purpose oils to have around. It not only fights depression, grief, anger and fear, but looks after your heart and digestive system, while being the most wonderful remedy for female problems and one of the best oils to use on the skin. This 'light' version offers an affordable way to experience the therapeutic benefits of this wonderfully fragrant oil.