Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bach Flower remedies?

Bach Flower remedies are simple mixtures of mineral or spring water, flowers and brandy, which work to heal emotional problems, thereby restoring mental harmony and preventing physical illness from taking hold. They address emotional states in a holistic way, allowing the body to react creatively, instead of passively and destructively when worn by the stresses of life.

I see that the essences contain a little alcohol – why is this? Is there a non-alcohol alternative?

Brandy is traditionally used in Flower Essence Stocks and Dosage Bottles as the preservative of choice. Stocks without alcohol are hard to find, but you can greatly minimise the alcohol content in dosage bottles by using cider apple vinegar or glycerine.

Are Flower Essences safe for children?

Flowers Essences are very gentle in their action and have no side effects, so you can feel very confident about giving them to children.

Are there any dangers, side effects and concerns with taking Flower Essences?

Flower Essences bring only the effects you want, no negative ones and as they are made from harmless flowers, they are simple and safe.

Will I need to keep using Flower Essences indefinitely, as with prescription drugs?

Use Flower Essences as and when you need them. When life is on the up, leave them in the cupboard, but when you feel in need of a helping hand, get them out and start mixing!

How long should I keep on using a remedy or essence, even if I am not seeing the success I had hoped for? Do I need to finish the whole bottle?

Even if you think the remedies have not worked, finish the bottle. Then ask your family and friends what they think – you may be surprised to find they have seen a change in you, even if you have not seen or felt this yourself.

I’ve heard that alternative medicine takes longer to work than allopathic medicines. Is this also true with flower remedies?

Flower Essences take more time to work than modern medicine as the desired change is very gentle and slow; depending very much upon the individual’s needs and the time the problem took to develop although in very acute situations the well known Emergency Essence can bring calm extremely quickly.