Sun Essences offers a range of helpful books, many written by the respected Bach essence maker and author Julian Barnard. A well liked introductory book by Vivien Williamson, founder of Sun Essences can also be purchased.

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Bach Flower Essences & The Patterning of Water

"In the process of preparing a Bach flower essence … information is written into the water and retained there as a passive force field” Julian explores how we understand and use the information in this passive force field.

Bach Flower Essences Form and Function

Form and Function by Julian Barnard begins the process of explaining why and how the Bach Flower Essences are so effective.

Bach Remedies and other Flower Essences book

Written by Vivien Williamson (Sun Essences) with contributions by Dr. Andrew Tresidder A comprehensive guide to the beautiful world of flower essences and their natural healing powers by Vivien Williamson, the proprietor of Sun Essences. Covering the first system of flower essences to be discovered, as well as more recent developments. How flowers hold the key to unlocking emotional imbalances and promote a longer and healthier life by releasing the toxic effects of buried and unresolved pain.

Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies

Practical guidance in everyday language on how the remedies work.

Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach

The only full biography of Dr Bach it describes his early years and the discovery of the flower essences.

The Essence Within

An essential companion guide to any Bach Flower field trip.