Sun Essences

Here at Sun Essences we supply a wide range of Bach Flower Remedies and Flower Essences, designed to promote happiness and well-being.

We passionately believe that flower remedies should be hand-prepared in the traditional way, so that’s exactly what we do! Each individual bottle is therefore filled and labelled by hand with care and sensitivity.

Our Mission

Vivien Williamson, the founder of Sun Essences, has always felt  a special calling to this work with Flower Essences. For her it is not just work, it is a passionate and meaningful task to produce the best possible product for customers.

Our Philosophy

Flower essence therapy is not just about taking remedies, it is also important to understanding the basic principles behind them. Sun Essences therefore promotes the simple philosophy of Dr Edward Bach which is designed to work hand in hand his famous remedies.

Our Promise

Sun Essences gives the promise of quality. All our products are hand-made with care and attention, and you can be assured each one is made according to the specific instructions of Dr Edward Bach.

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After the Party

After the Party - At last, a Natural Lift for the morning after the night before.


Agrimony people hide behind a mask of cheerfulness and find it hard to communicate their feelings. They can be deeply distressed by conflict. They may overwork or use alcohol or drugs to keep up this happy 'front'. The Agrimony essence brings peace and calm, making it easier to express feelings.


Calm in a storm - Alkanet can help you to keep your own inner sacred space, centred and contained. It becomes easier to focus and communicate clearly, thusfinding a way through challenging situations.

Alpine Gentian

Surrender to a greater understanding of life - Easily discouraged and frustrated, these people find it hard to understand why they always seem to get knocked back, failing to get the rewards for their hard work in life.

Autumn Leaves

The Seasons of Life - This remedy was made of many different coloured leaves and seeds and left out in a variety of weather conditions over several days.

Bach Emergency Essence - made up in Kosher Brandy

The Bach Flower Essences are wild crafted so it is not possible to get Kosher certification for the process. However, all the Sun Essences mother tinctures are prepared in a sacred, respectful manner and preserved in Kosher brandy.