Autumn Leaves

The Seasons of Life - This remedy was made of many different coloured leaves and seeds and left out in a variety of weather conditions over several days.
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Autumn Leaves - All colours

The Seasons of Life

Living this modern life can be very challenging. So much is expected of us and it can seem like we are living ‘lifetimes within lifetimes’. This essence is supportive during times of transition and personal change as it encourages us to move into winter time and thus a period of rest and reflection. We become like a seed, waiting out the dark, cold times and meanwhile understanding more about the natural seasons of life. Then, in our own time, we find the strength and know how to break through our shell and take up a new life opportunity. It is spring again and a new cycle can begin.

Indications for Use

  •          Going through a midlife crisis or period of great change
  •          After a bereavement, or relationship break-up
  •          For those of us prepared to look deeper into our shadow side and think about what is stopping us from moving on


Negative - Stuck, unable to move on, life is too demanding, hanging onto the past

Positive - Embracing change, reflection, opportunity, resilience

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