Pink Yarrow

Protection from others emotions - Pink Yarrow is for those who are over-empathic and may absorb the negative feelings of others.
Manufacturer: Sun Essences
SKU: PinkYarrow

Protection from others emotions.

Pink Yarrow is for those who are over-empathic and may absorb the negative feelings of others. This can cause emotional confusion as they may have difficulty differentiating their feelings from those of others, and thus feel drained. This essence can strengthen and protect the aura, and aid the formational of effective emotional boundaries and true empathy. Useful in a spray.

Indications for using Pink Yarrow

  • For animals who are affected by their owner's emotions.
  • For those who over-identify with others.
  • For those who are particularly sensitive to disharmony.
  • For therapists and healers to help them in working with clients.


Negative - Absorbing, congestion, enmeshed, drained, merging, porous.

Positive - Boundaries, protection, safety, self-contained, objective.

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