Release and Revive

Release and Revive - The Sun Essence Emergency Combination 

The best known flower essence product is Dr Bach’s five flower emergency combination.  Available over the counter in high street chemists, it is usually an person's first introduction to flower essences. Ideal for all extreme and challenging situations, it’s a real support to families in this hectic modern world.

Sun Essences sells it in the 10ml and 30ml sizes, for dilution in water, plus a convenient 50ml atomiser to spray directly to the tongue.

Emergency Essence is also mixed in an unperfumed organic cream base and is ideal for all minor skin problems. 

Now also prepared in sucrose pillules and presented in a no fuss, easy to use 4 gram dispenser. Perfect for carrying around in your bag or pocket. The ideal solution for those who prefer to minimise their alcohol intake, and the first choice for children.

All our Emergency products can also be made up by request in BBB Kosher Brandy.