Copper Beech

Rooted and present - Copper beech is indicated when you are feeling disorientated, panicky, scattered and unable to focus.
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Copper Beech Fagus sylvatica

Rooted and present.

Copper beech is indicated when you are feeling disorientated, scattered and unable to focus clearly. There may also be times when you forget where you are or what you’ve done. These gaps can be disconcerting, but Copper beech can help you feel more secure so you are less likely to feel off centre. Now you can notice how pleasurable it is to be on life’s journey, despite the challenges.

Indications for Use

  •        Anxiety that can drain confidence
  •        Feeling out of control of your life
  •        For if you go blank for a few moments



Negative - Disorientated, panicky, scattered, lack of focus, forgetful, blank

Positive - Confidence, grounded, pleasurable, present, aware


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