Clear sight - Eyebright is indicated when you need to live life through someone else and so loose sight of who you really are.
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Eyebright Euphrasia nemorosa

Clear sight of the Self

Eyebright is indicated when you feel the need to live life through someone else and so lose sight of who you really are. There may be an urge to play roles which leaves you open to the affects of unhealthy attachments. Such life circumstances may also drain your energy and the other person’s energy. This essence can help you to break these unhelpful bonds and take greater personal responsibility. It’s possible to finally take a clear look at the self and your life situation, difficult perhaps, but this is how to gain a stronger sense of yourself and your true direction in life. Life becomes full of freedom and new opportunities. With this comes clear sight. At last you are truly there for yourself and more authentic with others.

 Indications for Use

  • For those in co-dependent, controlling relationships
  • For those who feel they have lost their way
  • For those who feel they have lost their identify
  • For those who love others too much and have a need to over-care
  • Can't get a true perspective on reality



Negative - Attachment,control,parasitic, dependency, role playing, energy drain

Positive - Clarity,authentic, sense of self, opportunity, freedom, independence, vision, responsibility

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