Privacy notice

We take our customers privacy and security very seriously.

This site is a secure (SSL) site and all data to/from you to here is encrypted. 

You can see this in the address bar on your browser, it will have the green padlock and secure sign.

secure site

We do not store your password characters or payment card details on our system.

All online payments are processed via Paypal, with or without a paypal acount.

When you place an order with us, we will request that you provide some personal information which is necessary to process your order.

Creating an account
If you decide to become a registered customer you can choose to receive emails about important changes to this policy, our terms and conditions, changes to our website, new products, features or services, email reminders of final shipping dates at seasonal times of the year or other relevant information. You can also choose not to receive such information if you prefer.

Sharing your information with other parties
Any marketing or promotional correspondence we do send to you will contain an option to unsubscribe from future mail. If you choose not to use our secure website and send us your credit card details directly, we cannot be responsible for the manner in which you transmit this information to us. 

Your Purchase Information
We will keep a record of the purchases you make through our website. We may use this data to present you with relevant product choices to ensure a better online shopping experience on our website.  If you are unsure about what information we hold about you, please contact us.

As with any information you provide us with, access to this information shall be strictly limited to authorised personnel only.