Chicory types like lots of attention and appreciation, so when feeling needy, can be demanding and interfering in the lives of loved ones. Deeply caring of others, they may sometimes use emotional blackmail or self pity to get what they want.
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NEGATIVE: Over-protective, Possessive, Controlling, Needy, Self-pitying, Manipulative
POSITIVE: Unconditional love, Letting go, Giving, Secure, Respect.

One of the 12 Healers. In the Overcare for Welfare of Others Group.

Flowers in summer. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.

The Chicory Type

Chicory people are loving, kind and generous but need to be appreciated. Sometimes this is not forthcoming, so they can resort to being manipulative and self-pitying.  Often critical of others, they find it difficult to let go and may use emotional blackmail to stay connected. The Chicory essence can bring forth genuine feelings of love and devotion, along with the ability to care for others without expecting or needing anything in return.

I nourish myself from within.
As I let go I will find love and security lies within. 
Giving is all the reward I need.

Indications for using Chicory 
For the pet, child or baby who demand attention all of the time.
For those who are over-possessive of their friends and family. 
For those who are critical of the smallest things.

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