Be Blends

Why the 'Be' Blends are special

To make these delightful flower essence combinations we carefully choose remedies for all aspects of the given problem – ensuring a well balanced approach. In addition Sun Essences includes floral essences which focus on:

  • Protection
  • Easing Pressure
  • Balance
  • Strengthening

Every Be Blend contains a rainbow

In ancient tradition the rainbow is believed to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is also thought to be the colours of the human soul and a good balance can enhance our natural life force.

In ancient tradition the rainbow is believed to be a bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is also thought to be the colours of the human soul and a good balance can enhance our natural life force.

With this in mind, Sun Essences has taken care to blend the colours of the remedies chosen to create a rainbow in each bottle. These flower essences support an inner radiance so the soul colours can shine through and we can function more effectively in our daily lives.

Now also prepared in sucrose pillules and presented in a no fuss, easy to use 4 gram dispenser. Perfect for carrying around in your bag or pocket. The ideal solution for those who prefer to minimise their alcohol intake, and the first choice for children.

Note: Each blend contain a number of different remedies, so it is not recommended that you take more than one at a time. The only exception to this might be, a dose of Be Calm in the case of an emergency, or a dose of Be Restful at night.

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Be Balanced

For when the system needs some tender loving care. This gentle blend eases anxiety, tension and frustration, thereby restoring balance during the natural cycles of life. Also brings essential vitality during times of change and is therefore an ideal choice for women.

Be Calm

This blend of flowers is designed to bring ease during those times when much is demanded and there is extreme worry or pressure e.g. shows, interviews, tests or exams. It soothes the mind and body so its easier to chill out, thus enabling the individual to feel focused, productive and in control. Use also for mishaps, unsettling news, the acute stages of loss etc.

Be Comforted

This blend of flowers is designed specifically to comfort and ease the enduring pain of losing a treasured friend or family member. It offers support when moving through the wide range of emotions that are a natural part of the grieving process, such as anger, guilt, blame, sadness or despair. It enables you to come to terms with the loss in your own way, and in time brings hope of a new beginning.

Be Confident

This blend of flowers is for those who lack confidence in their ability to achieve goals or to perform as well as others. Also suggested for individuals who may have had disappointments or setbacks in life. This essence brings determination and self-belief while staying focused on the task in hand. If needed for a specific occasion, start at least two weeks prior to the event.

Be Courageous

If you suffer from everyday anxieties or apprehensions, this blend of flowers helps reduce them to a manageable level, by enhancing feelings of courage and inner safety. They help you to forget the original cause of the problem, which is what often triggers the attack. For particularly difficult conditions these essences may be used to complement and support other treatments, as they stimulate inner strengths.

Be Decisive

Ideal for those who worry about making the wrong choice and need to feel more decisive. This blend offers support during times of personal change, as it facilitates a letting go of the past and provides a stable inner centre from which to choose a way forward. If there are issues present that inhibit this progress e.g., apprehension, this will come to light and can be dealt with appropriately.