Ladies Mantle

Honours the female side - This essence can help protect your sensitive, female side.
Manufacturer: Sun Essences
SKU: LadiesMantle

Honours the female side.

This essence can help protect your sensitive, female side.

Ideal for men struggling to be comfortable with their vulnerabilities and holding back emotions through fear.

Whatever your sexuality, ladies mantle helps give more understanding and acceptance of the feminine aspect.

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Agrimony people hide behind a mask of cheerfulness and find it hard to communicate their feelings. They can be deeply distressed by conflict.They may overwork or use alcohol or drugs. The Agrimony essence brings peace and calm, making it easier to express feelings.


Centaury types are often the victims of bullies because they are unable to stand up for themselves, and say no. They are often easily exploited due to their kind nature.


People needing Larch lack confidence in themselves and have an air of false modesty. They see themselves as inferior, believing they are not as capable as others. Fearing failure they do not even try, always thinking "I can't".

Rock Rose

Rock Rose types are extremely sensitive and their energy is easily depleted. They can suffer deep anxiety, which may be difficult to release. An ideal choice for bad nights, and for use in a crisis.