Mixed Poppy

This essence is indicated when you are restricted by life. Perhaps you are trapped in your head with many pressured thoughts, or you may be hemmed in by physical circumstances you can’t change.
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Pennyroyal Mentha pulgegium


Psychic contamination

This essence helps to clear the system of negative psychic thought forms which can be absorbed from others. Individuals may become so clogged that they find it difficult to think clearly. They might also be easily influenced by others, so Pennyroyal clarifies the mind, eases confusion and offers some protection. The individual can act independently again, mental vitality returns and they feel more positive

Indications for Use

• For those who may be controlled by others.

• For those who suffer from mental confusion.

• For those who need auric protection.


Negative - Contamination, negativity, control, psychic attack, congestion.

Positive - Purification, strengthening, clarity, positivity, vitality.

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