Wild Daffodil

Appreciation of talents - Wild Daffodil essence is indicated when your talents seem insignificant or do not fit into everyday society. You believe you are not as clever or as capable as others.
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Wild Daffodil  Narcissus pseudonarcissus

Appreciation of your talents.

Daffodil essence is indicated when you don't see you talents, or what gifts you do have seems valueless or insignificant to you. This essence can bring recognition of their obvious worth and facilitate greater self understanding and appreciation. A more individualistic path can be followed with a positive attitude. You can embrace your achievements more, and life can blossom. The heart opens to greater abundance.

Indications for Use

• Supportive when deciding upon a career, particularly if it is an unusual one.

• For those who need to appreciate themselves more.

• For those who seek more abundance in their lives.


Negative - Depression, self-doubt, worthlessness, constriction.

Positive  - Cleansing, uplifting, joy, happiness, abundance, appreciation, alignment.

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