Viper's Bugloss

Balances loving forces - Viper's bugloss helps to realign how love flows in the system.
Manufacturer: Sun Essences
SKU: VipersBugloss

Balances loving forces.

The viper's bugloss essence helps to realign how love flows in the system. When this is out of balance, people may become the perpetrator or victim of manipulative patterns to get what they want before anyone knows what happened.

It is a fascinating plant, as its flower is remeniscent of a snake - hence it's name. Snakes are powerful predators and need to be treated with respect. Similarly these people have strong personalities and in an effort to meet their needs, use the proverbial silver tongue. A powerful totem, the snake holds the message of transformation, as it sheds it skin to reveal a vulnerable under layer. Therefore, this essence offers insight and thus the opportunity to dissolve unhelpful patterns. It is possible to bring in greater gentleness, love and a more conscious, moral approach to life.

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