White Violet

Adventure of the Inner Journey - We are very familiar with the idea of a "shrinking violet". This gives the impression of a shy, modest and unassertive person, often female, who shrinks from any familiarity with others, loosing courage and spirit.
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White Violet Viola odorata

The White Violet flower essence will take you on the most adventurous of journeys, the inner spiritual journey. How easy it is to reject and shrink from the divine within oneself and how easy to slip into self-denial. So a sense of candour and frankness is needed with yourself. We need to fall in love with ourselves and smell the pure sweet perfume of self acceptance. Trust will follow, and then it is easy to bring this to an honest and sincere interaction with others.

Indications for Use

  •        For those who have a strong awareness of the spiritual side of life              but deny this within self
  •        For those who need to love themselves and honour their spiritual              side
  •        For those who need to find self honesty


Positive -Self-acceptance, truth and trust, safety, open, inner adventure, trust, sincerity

Negative - Rejection, denial, mistrust of spiritual self, shyness, withdrawal

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