Double Daffodil

Golden Dukat - abundance - Double daffodil can help those who have a rigid and constricted attitude and find it difficult to be expressive.
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Double Daffodil - Golden dukat 

A Wealthy Soul

Double daffodil can help those who have a closed and narrow view on life and find it difficult to be creative, free and expressive. They have been like this for a long time and so may become hardened and pinched. This essence begins a gentle softening and letting go, the heart starts to open to the rich abundance of life in all ways, not just money and allows in feelings of gratitude, joy and happiness. They begin to feel like a wealthy soul.

Indications for Use

·       For those who suffer scarcity in their lives

·       Those who tend to be mean to themselves and others

·       For those too much in their heads, and not enough in their hearts


Negative - Scarcity, constricted, poor, inflexible, rigid, stingy

Positive - Creative, wealthy, gratitude, rich in all ways, prosperity, open, generosity, giving

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