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Sun Essences Bach Flower Stocks
Sun Essences sell s the complete range of 38 individual Bach Flower Stocks in 10ml or 30ml dropper bottles. They can be diluted to make up dosage bottles, or two drops taken in a small glass of water can prove a helpful pick me up. Sun Essences bottle all their essences by hand, with great care and attention. Each Stock is prepared from full strength, French 40%, eco-cert organic brandy, according to the exact instructions of Dr Edward Bach. You can be assured that you are buying a Traditional Stock Concentrate.

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People in the Gorse state feel hopeless about life. To please others they may be persuaded to seek more help, but do not expect any improvement. Beneficial when problems are long term.


People in the Heather state are focused on their problems and seek company to talk constantly about them. They make mountains out of molehills, unable to see the bigger picture of their lives.


People needing Holly may experience strong feelings such as anger, hate or jealousy and are often extremely defensive. They may also be very unhappy and suffer much, but don’t understand why.


People who need Honeysuckle yearn nostalgically for the past, and think they will never be happy again. This remedy can dissolve troublesome, unhappy memories and comfort homesickness and bereavement.


People who need Hornbeam may wake listless, with that monday morning feeling. They doubt their strength to accomplish daily tasks, but accomplish a lot once they get started.


Impatiens types get easily frustrated and irritable if life isn’t progressing quickly enough for them. Often suffering from extreme inner tension, they usually choose to work alone, as other people make them feel impatient.


People needing Larch lack confidence in themselves and have an air of false modesty. They see themselves as inferior, believing they are not as capable as others. Fearing failure they do not even try, always thinking "I can't".


Mimulus types are shy, timid and reserved. They find many things in life distressing, but keep their anxieties private. They are often nervous, don't like to be alone and can easily blush or stammer.


Those who need Mustard suffer from a deep gloom, which can descend like a dark cloud and may be difficult to disguise. There seems to be no apparent reason for this and it may lift as suddenly as it appears.


People in the Oak state overwork but may be unaware of their growing exhaustion. Dutiful and reliable plodders, they struggle on bravely despite overwhelming odds, never recouping their strength.


People in the Olive state feel great tiredness on all levels. This can develop after a prolonged period of struggle, when even doing things they enjoy can be an effort.


People who need Pine have low self esteem and always feel they could have done better. They tend to feel guilty and be over-apologetic, as they may even feel responsible for other people's mistakes.