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Sun Essences Bach Flower Stocks
Sun Essences sell s the complete range of 38 individual Bach Flower Stocks in 10ml or 30ml dropper bottles. They can be diluted to make up dosage bottles, or two drops taken in a small glass of water can prove a helpful pick me up. Sun Essences bottle all their essences by hand, with great care and attention. Each Stock is prepared from full strength, French 40%, eco-cert organic brandy, according to the exact instructions of Dr Edward Bach. You can be assured that you are buying a Traditional Stock Concentrate.

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Red Chestnut

People needing Red Chestnut suffer a lot as they are over-protective and worry excessively about the safety of others. They are unable to have faith in life and burden others with their anxious thoughts.

Rock Rose

Rock Rose types are extremely sensitive and their energy is easily depleted. They can suffer deep anxiety, which may be difficult to release. An ideal choice for bad nights, and for use in a crisis.

Rock Water

People in the Rock Water state are full of self-judgment and find it hard to be kind to themselves. Often having high self imposed standards, they expect perfection, and find it difficult to relax and enjoy life.


Scleranthus types cannot make up their minds. They fluctuate first one way and then the other, but struggle with this indecision alone. Lacking inner balance, their moods are changeable and they may appear fickle.

Star of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem is used to soothe the system after extreme upsets. Even after many years, such impacts still affect our energetic levels adversely. This remedy can help to re-balance our systems correctly.

Sweet Chestnut

People who need Sweet Chestnut feel they have reached the "end of the road," feeling extreme limits of despair and desolation. Ideal in cases of loss and anguish of the heart.


Vervain types are over-enthusiastic and high achievers, so find it difficult to relax. They have firm principles and want to convert others to their way of thinking.


People in the Vine state are dominating and take control of situations. They can be hard-hearted bullies, but the real reason they lack compassion is often to protect some inner weakness.


Walnut is beneficial during all transitions of life, as it is there to break unwanted links from the past. This essence gives essential stability to move safely forward during such vulnerable times.

Water Violet

Water Violet types may isolate themselves from life as they prefer to be alone. Self reliant and independent they may appear superior, and find itdifficult to make genuine emotional contact.

White Chestnut

People needing White Chestnut are troubled with unwanted thoughts. This incessant, repetitive inner chatter may cause a lack of concentration or sleep.

Wild Oat

Wild Oat types are aimless and dissatisfied as they can’t commit to a particular life path. They have talent and ambition, but may drift from one occupation to another. This remedy can bring essential insight.