Sweet Chestnut

People who need Sweet Chestnut feel they have reached the "end of the road," feeling extreme limits of despair and desolation. Ideal in cases of loss and anguish of the heart.
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People who need Sweet Chestnut believe they have reached the "end of the road," feeling extreme limits of despair and desolation. Ideal in cases of  personal loss and anguish of the heart.

NEGATIVE: Aloneness, Darkness, Anguish
POSITIVE: Support, Renewal, Hope, Comfort

One of the "The 2nd Nineteen". In the Despair and Despondency Group

Flowers in summer. Pick twigs bearing male and female flowers. Boiling method.

The Sweet Chestnut State

Sweet Chestnut people frequently experience that "back-to-the-wall" feeling. Having reached their deepest sates of despondency and despair, all hope is abandoned and it feels like "the dark night of the soul". In this extreme state the Sweet Chestnut essence can bring forth feelings of comfort and the return of faith. Feelings of renewal and inner transformation may take place.


  • My inner core feels comforted
  • Beyond the darkness I can experience light

Indications for using Sweet Chestnut 

  • For those that feel the anguish of life is too much to be endured.
  • For those who reach the utmost limits of their strength. 
  • For those who need comfort after a personal loss.
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