Although dedicated to the Bach Essences, Sun Essences has made and developed their own range of English essences, using many well known native flowers. These have proved very popular, as well as making a valuable addition to the Be Blends mixes. Many have a unique preparation method. Living flowers are dipped in the water along with the picked flowers, which we believe brings greater life force to the essence.

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Calm in a storm - Alkanet can help you to keep your own inner sacred space, centred and contained. It becomes easier to focus and communicate clearly, thusfinding a way through challenging situations.

Alpine Gentian

Surrender to a greater understanding of life - Easily discouraged and frustrated, these people find it hard to understand why they always seem to get knocked back, failing to get the rewards for their hard work in life.

Autumn Leaves

The Seasons of Life - This remedy was made of many different coloured leaves and seeds and left out in a variety of weather conditions over several days.


Grounds ideas into reality - This essence is indicated when a person has lots of ideas but seems unable to find enough will to bring them into reality.

Bleeding Heart

Renewing the heart - This essence is useful if there is extreme dependence within a relationship. These people are very possessive, and are very fearful of loosing the relationship, which if lost can bring unendurable grief, the heart can bleed!


Uplifting stillness - Bluebell is nature’s panacea. Use whenever life seems full on and you are feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and finding it difficult to cope with the pressure.


Lightness of heart - Use Borage essence when there is great heaviness and sadness in the heart.


Recognizing your uniqueness - This essence is indicated when there is a lack of self-esteem. Buttercup warms and nourishes the being with golden light.

Chalice Well

The Chalice Well is an ancient, holy spring and located in the mystical town of Glastonbury. it has been has been in use since prehistoric times and is prized for its beneficial qualities


Calming and soothing - Chamomile is useful when there is inner emotional turmoil or restless, which is distressing.

Copper Beech

Rooted and present - Copper beech is indicated when you are feeling disorientated, panicky, scattered and unable to focus.


The Cosmos essence balances the throat chakra so it is remedy for communication and creativity. Ideal for those who can become overwhelmed by too many negative thoughts or excessive information.