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Sun Essences Bach Flower Stocks
Sun Essences sells the complete range of 38 individual Bach Flower Stocks in 10ml or 30ml dropper bottles. They can be diluted to make up dosage bottles or two drops can be taken in a small glass of water. which may offer a very helpful and quick pick me up! Sun Essences bottle all their essences by hand, with great care and attention. Each stock is prepared in full strength, French 40%, eco-cert organic brandy, according to the exact instructions of Dr Edward Bach. Purchase from Sun Essences and be assured that you are buying a Traditional Stock Concentrate.

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Agrimony people hide behind a mask of cheerfulness and find it hard to communicate their feelings. They can be deeply distressed by conflict. They may overwork or use alcohol or drugs to keep up this happy 'front'. The Agrimony essence brings peace and calm, making it easier to express feelings.


People who need Aspen can have unexpected anxiety attacks or bad dreams. They think something dreadful might happen, but there seems to be no apparent reason for their apprehensions.


People who need Beech experience the world as intruding upon their space, which can make them intolerant and critical of others. They need to develop a greater understanding and see more beauty in life.


Centaury types are often the victims of bullies because they are unable to stand up for themselves, and say no. They are often easily exploited due to their kind nature.


Cerato types distrust their own judgement, as they are unable to hear their inner voice. Needing constant reassurance, they feel the need to ask for advice so may appear gullible and foolish to others. NEGATIVE: Uncertainty, Foolishness, Approval and Reassurance. POSITIVE: Self-trust, Confidence, Intuition, Uninfluenced, Strong convictions. One of the 12 Healers. In the Uncertainty Group. Flowers in early autumn. Pick individual flowers. Sun potentized.

Cherry Plum

People who need Cherry Plum can dread losing control, as they are anxious about doing awful things against their will. They are like a volcano ready to erupt, finding it difficult to curb their behaviour and feel settled.

Chestnut Bud

People who need Chestnut Bud may fail to learn from experience. They keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again, often cause by a lack of observation or inner haste.


Chicory types like lots of attention and appreciation, so when feeling needy, can be demanding and interfering in the lives of loved ones. Deeply caring of others, they may sometimes use emotional blackmail or self pity to get what they want.


Clematis types can seem idealistic, ungrounded and prefer to daydream in a world of happier times to come. They may appear bored, lacking in vitality and tend to fall asleep easily.

Crab Apple

People who need Crab Apple can see themselves as dirty, which causes them deep shame. They can become fixed over trivialities and so lose their perspective on life.


People who need Elm are usually strong, sensitive, indispensable people who work in a caring way. Their extreme efforts to function at a high level can make them feel temporarily exhausted by their responsibilities.


Gentian types are easily disheartened by life’s events, finding it difficult to stay positive. Often negative and lacking faith in life, they doubt their problems can be overcome.