Although dedicated to the Bach Essences, Sun Essences has made and developed their own range of English essences, using many well known native flowers. These have proved very popular, as well as making a valuable addition to the Be Blends mixes. Many have a unique preparation method. Living flowers are dipped in the water along with the picked flowers, which we believe brings greater life force to the essence.

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Going with the flow - Dandelion is helpful when life has become over-full or intense and the body seems stiff.

Dark Mullein

Supporting mental clarity - This essence is an ideal choice when a clear mind is desirable and there is taxing mental work to be done.

Double Daffodil

Golden Dukat - abundance - Double daffodil can help those who have a rigid and constricted attitude and find it difficult to be expressive.


Integration of the shadow side - Elderflower can help us come to terms with the dark side that is within us all.

Evening Primrose

Evening primrose is for a lack of motherly nurturing, resulting in emotional deprivation in early childhood.


Clear sight - Eyebright is indicated when you need to live life through someone else and so loose sight of who you really are.


Adaptable - In a fast moving, busy, challenging life situation, Feverfew helps you to be more flexible and adaptable.

Jack by the Hedge

For sensitive, fragile and delicate individuals - Jack by the hedge is ideal for the emotional type who may have a delicate constitution and who easily gets’ flaked out’ or run down.

Ladies Mantle

Honours the female side - This essence can help protect your sensitive, female side.


Energises auric field - Lungwort opens the breathe, and connects you more fully with the universal life force which can mend and revitalise your energetic body.


Marigold is indicated for those whose contact with others tends to be sharp or argumentative, and somehow lacking in sensitivity.


False persona - Meadowsweet is for those who tend to present a false, superficial front.