Although dedicated to the Bach Essences, Sun Essences has made and developed their own range of English essences, using many well known native flowers. These have proved very popular, as well as making a valuable addition to the Be Blends mixes. Many have a unique preparation method. Living flowers are dipped in the water along with the picked flowers, which we believe brings greater life force to the essence.

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Cleansing and cooling - Ramsons can invigorate the body with an explosion of white light. If you feel congested or sluggish, it can ‘burn’ off the dross and take strength to where it is needed.

Red Clover

Strength in Adversity - In adverse situations, individuals can become affected by the atmosphere of fear and distress around them, particularly with incidents of mass hysteria, and so may loose touch with themselves.


For those who tend to see difficult life situations as undeserved and might get over-serious. Sage essence can bring a more detached view-point with the ability to see things as they are.

Self Heal

Taking responsibility - Self-heal can be used in all self-help situations. It re-energises the life force from within, reducing the need to seek support from others.


For frozen, numbed or locked down emotions, perhaps due to past abuse, sometimes sexual. Snowdrop will help to cleanse and purify emotions and bring comfort.


Empowerment - When the male aspects of the personality are under-developed Sunflower can bring greater empowerment.


Purposeful Drive and Direction - When there is a lack of motivation, procrastination and a poor sense of self, it becomes difficult to see a way forward.


Respite from torment - The essence brings respite, and is ideal for those suffering great distress and torment, which seems ongoing.

Viper's Bugloss

Balances loving forces - Viper's bugloss helps to realign how love flows in the system.

White Violet

Adventure of the Inner Journey - We are very familiar with the idea of a "shrinking violet". This gives the impression of a shy, modest and unassertive person, often female, who shrinks from any familiarity with others, loosing courage and spirit.

White Yarrow - Achillea millefolium

Protection - White Yarrow essence is on hand to protect the aura from negative environmental influences such as noise, fluorescent lights, fumes or the harmful effects by office machinery.

Wild Daffodil

Appreciation of talents - Wild Daffodil essence is indicated when your talents seem insignificant or do not fit into everyday society. You believe you are not as clever or as capable as others.