Although dedicated to the Bach Essences, Sun Essences has made and developed their own range of English essences, using many well known native flowers. These have proved very popular, as well as making a valuable addition to the Be Blends mixes. Many have a unique preparation method. Living flowers are dipped in the water along with the picked flowers, which we believe brings greater life force to the essence.

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Mixed Poppy

This essence is indicated when you are restricted by life. Perhaps you are trapped in your head with many pressured thoughts, or you may be hemmed in by physical circumstances you can’t change.

Morning Glory

Feeling more wide awake - This essence can be useful when people are burning the candle at both ends.


Mullein is the remedy to bring inner light and is indicated when it seems difficult to be true to your conscience.


Links the head with the heart - This essence is helpful for the dry, intellectual types who tend to drift into the realms of thought and detach from feelings.

Orange Hawkweed

Realisation and Transformation - Orange hawkweed throws off anything that is not ‘of the self’. It stops things settling into the system, so can be used as a protection against psychic pollution, or the effects of shattering experiences.


A helpful boost - Pansy boosts the vitality of the system and strengthens resistance. Excellent topically in creams and oils.


Psychic contamination - This essence helps to clear the system of negative psychic thought forms which can be absorbed from others.


Clearing the head - Peppermint is ideal for those who want food, but then struggle with a muzzy and slow mind, a common problem during difficulty times.

Pink Cherry

For those lacking nurturing and care when young. They feel neglected and unsupported.

Pink Yarrow

Protection from others emotions - Pink Yarrow is for those who are over-empathic and may absorb the negative feelings of others.


Expressing female creativity - An essence for women and an ideal choice for resolving the many difficulties specific to females in our modern times.


Comfort and lightness for the inner child - Primrose is indicated when difficulties from childhood affect your life, perhaps through feeling low, and a deep unexplained sadness.